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Here's a few tasters of what's possible from the small to the big cross country (XC) any time between June and October.

If you are eager to do 100 km+ then download our ExP Fly Guide Chalvet to Dormillouse. It shows recommended route choices and will introduce the key mountain names of the region. This will help the landscape make a bit more sense if you want some fly guiding or are flying in a group.

Andran Dormillouse Pic Chamate Triangle


    Start / Finish

     Le Chalvet / St Andre - Aerogliss



     Chalvet - Andran - Dormillouse - Pic de Chamate - St Andre les Alpes


    Time / Distance

     6:30 / 130 (kms)


    Type / Score

     FAI Triangle / 182


    Difficulty / Rating

     Very Hard /

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If you can confidently cruise up to the Dormillouse and back then you might fancy stretching it out into an FAI Triangle by going out towards Digne les Bains first.

Seems to work better when there is some south in the wind to help push out west, then north at the start.

The Digne valley is often a bit slower to start than Chalvet so don't arrive too early.

Took me quite a few attempts to suss out the Andran to Dormillouse bit but I finaly did piece it all together:

Some others have pushed further north from Blayeul in a more direct line to the Dormilouse.