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Here's a few tasters of what's possible from the small to the big cross country (XC) any time between June and October.

If you are eager to do 100 km+ then download our ExP Fly Guide Chalvet to Dormillouse. It shows recommended route choices and will introduce the key mountain names of the region. This will help the landscape make a bit more sense if you want some fly guiding or are flying in a group.

Dormillouse & Back


    Start / Finish

     Le Chalvet / St Andre - Aerogliss



     Chalvet - Cheval Blanc - Carton - Tromas - Dormillouse - Tromas - Carton - Coste Longue - Maurel - St Andre


    Time / Distance

      / 115 (kms)


    Type / Score

     Flat Triangle / 138


    Difficulty / Rating

     Hard /

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This is the classic route of the area that most visting paragliding pilots with aspiring XC ideas want to complete.

The tricky bit is the middle between Chalvet Blanc and Tromas then on the return from Tromas to Coste Longue and across the Thorame valley.

The final return down the Issole valley (East of the chalvet - antenna ridge) can also be daunting over the trees with few landing options! The safer option is cross to Cordeil, gain height and cross more directly to Maurel.

Check out my Chalvet - Dormillouse guide for some route options.

or here if you want to see a true route here's one I made earlier:  Dormillouse Track on Xcontest

Typical bomb outs happen in Prads Haute Belone (south of Tromas) which is a sleepy little valley and requires returning via Digne les Bains or in the Thorame Valley which is much closer to your start...but still fairly quiet. I've always managed to hitch back or combine with the train from Digne to St Andre.

Whether its your first or twentieth time to the Dormillouse its always an adventure.