Supporting Your Paragliding Adventures

Site Intro, Fly Guiding, Shuttle & Retrieves

Service Description Cost
Site Introduction

Hour long introduction with hints on tips to fly safe and far in St Andre les Alpes.

  • Tour of the main take off and landing areas
  • Suggestions for the day and XC tips
  • Lift to take off included

20€ pp individual

15€ pp group 2-4

Fly Guiding Paragliding guiding with radio support includes;
  • Site briefing and lift to take off
  • Weather and XC recommendations
  • In air radio support to fly XC suitable to the days conditions and your experience


60€ pp individual

45€ pp group 2

35€ pp group 3-4

Shuttle & Retrieve Service If you want to focus on your flying and not worry about how to get back then book us in to pick your group up
  • Lift to take off
  • Smart phone tracking
  • Retrieve from landing to St Andre les Alpes


120€ per group 1-6

Extended XC tours and Vol Bivouac

If a small group of you wish to make an extended tour travelling through the alpes each day and would like the support of :

  • Transport to take offs.
  • Retrieve of those that land out.
  • Booking ahead of accomodation as you journey through the alpes.
  • Transport of your kit.
  • Provision of some back up and safety support in terms of tracking and radio contact

Or similalry you would like some safety and transport support for a group vol biv adventure.

Contact us for details

If you need more information please contact Nigel or Karol;


UK Mobile: +44 (0)7949 449 631

FR Mobile: +33 (0)6 32 66 58 50