• Welcome to St Andre

    Welcome to St Andre

  • It all begins with great expectations - Chalvet West

    It all begins with great expectations - Chalvet West

  • The Local Expert - The Griffon Vultures

    The Local Expert - The Griffon Vultures

  • Sunset Wingovers

    Sunset Wingovers

  • Returning to St Andre after a good XC

    Returning to St Andre after a good XC

  • On A Big Day With Big Clouds

    On A Big Day With Big Clouds

  • Paragliding World Cup

    Paragliding World Cup

  • Site de Vol Libre - Le Chalvet

    Site de Vol Libre - Le Chalvet

  • Tandem Smiles

    Tandem Smiles

  • Above Chateau de Meouilles

    Above Chateau de Meouilles

  • Out On Vol Biv

    Out On Vol Biv

  • Stunning Autumn Colours

    Stunning Autumn Colours

  • Sunset Flying

    Sunset Flying

Paragliding at St-Andre-les-Alpes

Le Chalvet
Site Intro

The local hangliding and paragliding take offs are situated on the dominant mountain Le Chalvet (1609m) just north west of St-Andre-les-Alpes (885m).


Le Chalvet
Flying Tips

You will get plenty of amazing flying here if have a basic respect for these general flying tips and an understanding of the typical meterological conditions here.


Le Chalvet
XC Tips & Routes

For pilots wanting to extend their personal best cross country XC flights check our recommended routes.

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Adventures 2019

Looking for a supported adventure?

St Andre XC Experience

We can offer fully supported flying trips for groups of 4 to 8 pilots.

Trips include

  • Airport transfer
  • Accommodation
  • Shuttle and Retrieve Service
  • Fly Guiding

Vol Biv Journey

If you are wanting to dip your toe into the world of Vol Biv but want a less isolated experience then come on one of our supported Vol Biv journeys. Travel from A to B over several days whilst camping high

  • Airport transfer
  • Route and bivi guidance
  • Supported shuttle to your start location, pick up for those that might land out, ongoing lift to your next launch, return to your start location.

Contact Us if you want to know more.

Flying Support Services

If this is your first visit to fly at St-Andre-les-Alpes or you a low air time pilot then we can help you with the following:

Site Intro

Hour long site introduction with hints on tips to fly safe and far in St Andre les Alpes.

  • Tour of the main take off and landing areas
  • Suggestions for the day and XC tips
  • Lift to take off included

Fly Guiding

Paragliding guiding with radio support includes;

  • Site briefing and lift to take off
  • Weather and XC recommendations
  • In air radio support to fly XC suitable to the days conditions and your experience

Shuttle & Retrieves

If you want to focus on your flying and not worry about how to get back then book us in to pick your group up

  • Lift to take off
  • Smart phone tracking
  • Retrieve from landing to St Andre les Alpes