Mountain Biking : The Transverdon Tour

The Trans-Verdon mountain bike route is a stunning 260km XC that follows the course of the Verdon river from its source in the alpine zone of the Mercantour National Park, past Europe's largest canyon - The Verdon Gorge and onto the historic Greoux-les-Bains.

St-Andre-les-Alpes is a perfect base for completing the whole trip. We certainly recommend spending five days on the upper sections of the Trans-Verdon starting at Col d'Allos at 2250m and taking the best technical, challenging and fun sections to finish at Moustiers Saint Marie at 560m. Another two days would see you at the ultimate finish in Greoux-les-Bains.

This truely is an Epic XC Ride with long climbs and endless descents. You will need to be fit and a competent mountain bike rider. Much of the trails are on single track which can be narrow, winding, rocky, remote and exposed. Which is what makes them great - right!?

Alternatively all the following sections make excellent day routes in their own right so you can pick and choose if you prefer.